What is Water Jet Technology?

For many years, the art of stone cutting has been improving and now it has reached one of its peaks with the latest technological progress.

Proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable methods, Water Jet Technology is used to cutting stone as well as expensive glass and metal.

Water Jet cutting process involves the use of a special compressor which allows us the application of thin jet of water onto the material under a pressure of 2000 to 6000 bars (depending on the density of the material).

This method allows us to process stones and other materials of any shape, density and plasticity. Also, not only shape cutting but also sheet cutting on the waterjet equipment is possible to perform with this technology and this enables the manufacturers to produce tiles of different sizes, from small 1” x 1” ornately-shaped tiles to big 4” x 6” tiles.

Moreover, Water Jet cutting is an incredibly clean for the environment which means that there is not a single chance that our tiles may have any bit of harm to your health.

How do we use Water Jet?

Water Jet Mosaics allow us to get amazing intricate curves and sophisticated mosaic designs. These jet machines are the new “mosaic artists” in the tile industry that use high-pressure streams of water in order to cut the tiles with for exact precision and form these beautiful patterns, which were previously impossible to achieve.

All in all, our waterjet tiles have all three features of superb tiles: beauty, perfection, and sustainability.

Whether your style is edgy or classic or somewhere in between, Water Jet Mosaic tiles will allow you to express your true inner aesthetic with the most exciting options.

We are certain that they will help you turn your interior design into a masterpiece!