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We are proud to be the AKDO Tile Dealer in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Metro Area.

AKDO is arguably America's hottest new brand of fine tile and stone , and we are proud to be an AKDO Dealer in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Metro Area.

Go for the shimmer in whatever way you prefer: in rich, deep hues or delicate tints, intricate patterns or square shapes, clear or frosty. Glass tiles and mosaics are clear winners.

Once upon a time, in a land called New York City, one of America’s favorite design elements was born. And that stylish piece of 1904-history is the subway tile.

Each metal tiles catches the light in a soft, scintillating manner thanks to their uniquely raised geometric surface, for a genuinely impressive look.


durable, low-maintenance luxury porcelain collections ...

Wood Looking porcelain tiles duplicate the classic look of vintage waxed wood parquet flooring in a durable, low-maintenance luxury porcelain.

Stone Look porcelain tiles designed to perfectly match your design and are offered in various colors as well as neutral hues, like natural stone.

Textile Look porcelain tiles designed to mirror and capture the nuance and beauty of textiles like fabric, leather, linen and paper, with the use of high-end inkjet technology.

Cement Look porcelain tiles designed to perfectly match your design and are offered in vibrant colors as well as more neutral hues, like concrete.

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